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3 Ways to unleash your creative genius!

Posted: 24 September, 2021

Creativity has long been thought of as a god given talent - you either got it or you don't.

Well, as it happens, science shows that there may be an innovative brain in all of us. Check out our top 3 methods that have been scientifically proven to unleash your creative genius!

1. Get moving in nature

Of course, exercise is on the list - exercise is on every list! As we all know, there are hundreds of health benefits to exercise but there have also been incredible connections made between activity and imagination. Multiple studies have shown that those who participated in walking activities compared to sedentary individuals were more likely to produce innovative solutions and ideas. Separate studies concluded that after four days surrounded in nature, creativity and problem solving increased by 50%. So, on your next lunch break why not take a walk in nature to kickstart your creative juices before the next meeting!

2. Day Dream

We live in a time of constant distractions and feelings of boredom is generally associated with negative and uncomfortable connotations. This is a message to bored people out there - numerous studies have concluded that completing boring tasks or even doing absolutely nothing is the perfect environment for creativity. Our brains are often so wrapped up with processing daily tasks that we are unaware of what we can create when we are still and allow our minds to wander.

3. Channel your sadness.

Science offers ample evidence that links times of emotional turmoil to our most creative state. This is a great chance to channel your negative experience into a creative masterpiece. It is no coincidence that many of life's greatest songs and paintings were produced amidst heartache and sadness. So, the next time your tears are flowing, don't forget to grab a pen!